Study Abroad

Hi, Today morning I received my passport after VISA has been stamped.

I am very pleased with the help that you people did whenever it was most need.  

My special thanks to Mr. Varadharajan who was so so kind enough to reply back and clarify my doubts then and there when I was confused. I would also like to thank Mr. Ramesh who gave valuable input's during college selection and the day before VISA interview. Your input's were very useful when talking with VO. Then i would like to thank Mr. M.Candhasswamie who reviewed all my SOP and stuff. I would also like to thank all the people behind you people who I don't know but help me in this 7 months association.  With this mail I have attached my VISA stamping and i would like to share my excitement to start my studies in USA with all you people.

Thanks & Regards,  Prasanna Subburaj

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Migrate to Australia 

 I thank each and every one of you for helping every bit on this lengthy process. I particularly want to thank Mr. Radhakrishnan and Mr. Vardharajan in guiding me through the entirety because there was a lot to gather, fulfill and produce and without complete knowledge or experience it wouldn’t have been easy. I thank them for their professionalism. I was waiting ......

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Coaching for TOEFL in Coimbatore

The Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL® is conducted by ETS. TOEFL assesses the English Language Proficiency of the people whose native language may not be English. This is a mandatory exam for Indian students who go to USA and Canada for Under-graduate and Post-graduate studies.

The following language skills are tested in TOEFL:

  1. Listening – Measures ability to comprehend Spoken English
  2. Speaking – Measures ability to recognise language appropriate for standard writing in English
  3. Reading – Measures ability to read and understand short passages
  4. Writing – Measures ability to write in English 

TOEFL iBT Test Sections: 


Time Limit

Number of Questions



60–80 minutes


Read 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.


60–90 minutes


Listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations, then answer questions.


10 Minutes



20 minutes

6 tasks

Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks.


50 minutes

2 tasks

Write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion in writing.